Bed Bugs

Image of a sheet with bed bugs

Bed Bugs

The control of bed bug infestations is multifaceted and a thorough survey of premises and possible harborage sites is an essential part of an effective eradication programme.

It starts with in-depth house keeping procedures that our highly experienced team of Technicians will instruct and organise. Multiple occupancy accommodation will need an organised and thorough preparation procedure before any chemical treatment is undertaken.  

Eradication of bed bugs

Front Row having undertaken work on large accommodation blocks and hotels, have previously used trained sniffer dogs to survey accurately the bed bug infested areas and this targeted treatment procedure has efficiently and accurately controlled the infestation whilst being as cost effective and as environmentally sound practice as possible.


Bed bugs live and harbour during the day in crevices and cracks nearby or inside the bed frame and usually around the sleeping area of the host. Their flat shape allows them to hide in spaces that are a fraction of a mm wide. Hotels and hostels are often at increased risk of infestations, because of travellers who introduce bed bugs from elsewhere. Bed bugs are wrongly associated with squalor, but nothing could be further from the truth as clean and well managed establishments are equally affected by bed bugs. 

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