Bird Control

Bird control netting on an industrial unit

Commercial Bird Pest Control

Birds, especially pigeons and gulls, are becoming an increasing pest to commercial and industrial buildings causing both H&S and commercial finance issues.

Their hazardous waste – guano – and occupation of warehouses and industrial units setting off fire and security detection systems and contaminating stored goods and slip hazards is costing business millions of pounds per year with a detrimental effect on working conditions.

We also specialise in pest control on Solar Panels.

Cleaning up and then prevention

All birds are protected by law and so can only be controlled, and systems of preventative works undertaken by professional companies with Government agreed licences for the species-specific pest.

Front Row have experience and licences to undertake works on a wide variety of bird species that have become commensal and now have become pests in the workplace and home.


Safety ladder at the side of industrial building

We have many methods of bird prevention and can tailor a solution to your particular environment. For example bird spikes are an excellent and humane deterrent to ensure birds don’t land on your sites. They are unobtrusive and effective.

Our post and wire systems are used for bird proofing buildings where pigeons and seagulls are causing problems.

We can fit bird netting to a variety of commercial and industrial warehouse buildings.

We can even supply bird netting with instructions for self installation (although larger installations need professional assistance).

Contact Front Row and speak to the experts in bird netting for warehouses and commercial pigeon control.

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Netting for bird proofing
Warehouse with bird control netting
Pidgeon and gull netting on warehouse solar panels
Bird proofing an industrial unit
Bird proofing netting and spikes
Post and wire system for bird proofing
Warehouse with bird control netting
Crane being used to access bird netting
Bird proofing an industrial unit
Bird proofing netting and spikes