These are nuisance flies that enters in large numbers into dwellings and work environments in the Autumn.

The flies often cluster on sunny sides of buildings and then enter the building often in roof spaces or through cracks and crevice’s in the building. The flies gather on windowsills and work surfaces often appearing to be dead or sleepy.

The life cycle of the fly is perpetuated in soil and only enters into buildings to overwinter (hibernate) and will emerge and become a nuisance pest when sunny or the temperature of the building rises.

Electrical Fly Control (EFK)

Front Row’s technicians on routine inspections can undertake catch-tray analysis and provide recommendations and pest prevention solutions before flying insects pests become a problem.

Specialist ULV space spray treatments (Ultra Low Volume) can be undertaken by Front Row in voids and spaces that the flies inhabit. This will control any pests that are present in the spaces, however the treatment is most effective after hard weather conditions (cold frost or stormy conditions) has pushed the flies indoors. If left untreated the flies will continue to emerge and create an unpleasant environment and potential contamination issue.

All EFK (electrical fly killer) units will have tubes and starters changed in the spring to maximise the UV light levels attracting flying insects through the spring and summer months.

Electrical fly control (EFK) device

Chain Curtains, Mesh Curtains and PVC Strip Curtains

We offer a number of alternative solutions for door openings. Our door chain metal fly curtains are ideal for front or rear openings and are the cheapest option. Available in a number of different colours, individual chain lengths hang down from a top track.

Mesh curtains, likewise, are a very cost effective way to screen a door opening.

Our PVC/Plastic strip curtains ensure clear visibility in and out of your work area. As well as preventing insects entering the premises, they offer the most economical solution to protect employees and products from adverse environmental conditions such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dusts and draughts.

Fly Screen Windows

We have a wide range of window and fly screens that include sliding and hinged systems. They can be fitted over many different types of windows and openings to protect against flies, bees, wasps, midges and many other flying insects.

Our screens have mitred corners and a flat smooth face that makes them unobtrusive and easy to clean. A variety of mesh materials and weave sizes can be fitted to suit individual requirements and all window and fly screens are powder coated and are available in white or brown.


Fly screen door

Fly Screen Doors

Our door systems have been specifically designed to cater for a number of industries. Whether it’s for the domestic or small industrial premises or locations where frequent heavy use is a normal activity, we have the door to suit.

They can all be fitted over wooden, PVCu and metal doors. A sub-frame is sometimes required to avoid the fly screen fouling the existing door handles. The screen doors are purpose-built from strong excluded aluminium sections and can include a strong decorative and protective grille to stop the insect mesh from being damaged.  All doors are powder coated and are available in brown or white.

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