Routine inspection of bait box for rats and mice

Routine Inspection

Front Row’s team of pest prevention installation technicians will install a bespoke pest prevention and maintenance system, fixing/wiring bait stations externally and internally providing a maintainable system of rodent control. Providing routine multiple site inspections tailored specifically to your business requirements.

Front Row’s team of highly trained technicians can take over any current pest control providers systems and make adjustments and enhancements the systems to fully cover and protect your work environment.


Front Row’s rodent bait stations are printed and designed to be numbered so a detailed site bait plan can be provided and kept in the onsite pest prevention folder to assist any auditing processes. Front Row can as necessary provide flying and crawling insect monitor systems providing detailed catch analysis reports and actioning any treatments necessary to maintain pest-free conditions.

Front Row’s technicians are all trained in the survey and installation of flying insect EFK (electrical fly killer) units. All sites that require EFK units will have the units cleaned and inspected on every routine visit. Catch tray analysis can be provided as necessary.

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