Getting rid of foxes using humane traps

Fox Control

Foxes are an increasing urban threat and can cause structural problems by damaging and undermining building foundations; harbouring in industrial estates, shopping centres landscaped areas, schools and public walkways etc.

Foxes raid rubbish bin and compactor areas and the associated fouling is very toxic and unpleasant whilst creating opportunities for other animals such as birds to feed on the leftover waste. The area around any den sites is likely to be untidy and infested carrying associated health risks such as fleas and ticks, vectors of the debilitating Limes Disease.

Front Row can control fox infestations by employing physical deterrents, humane trapping programs or proofing, stopping them gaining access to your property.

Front Row have a licenced team of marksmen for finite control methods should all other methods have been exhausted.


Rabbit Control

Rabbits will occupy and infest landscaped and grounds managed areas, any pest control treatments will require repeat and maintained procedures to manage any rabbit population. Physical barriers (specialist fences) may be needed to exclude repeat infestations. 

Rabbits can seriously damage railway infrastructure, sports fields and school play areas, causing costly financial remediation works to bring the surfaces back to good condition. As with foxes, rabbits can undermine buildings, car parks and walkways leaving lawns and planted areas damaged and unsightly.

Front Row offers rabbit control services with our technicians both experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to controlling the rabbit population.

Rabbit burrows in grassland of industrial estate

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