Wasp trap

Removing Wasps

Wasps can be a painful and a potentially dangerous invader of the workspace and home.  Wasps can be a casual intruder through open doors and windows, and this may be acceptable in many situations however should there be a problem nest in the vicinity of the grounds or even the building, then professional pest management is required.

Prevention is always better than control. Front Row can install interceptor traps for foraging wasps in the vicinity of potential problem areas. Fully baited with professional lours (attractants) the wasps will be intercepted and controlled so never returning to the family group passing on the location of the valuable food foraging area.

Life Cycle of a Wasp

Wasps are social insects communicating and working together for the benefit of the colony. Once a wasp has found a food source for the babies (larvae) in the nest, it will communicate this discovery to its family as a bee would do. The adult wasp will feed on nectar or sugary produce that may be found around pub gardens and bin areas but will want to provide its larvae with protein based foods that in nature would be insects.  However if whilst foraging the wasp can find both food sources at the same place – for example a bin or human food then this becomes a valuable find for the colony.

Wasp nest in a commercial building eaves

Upon the discovery of a wasp nest this must be controlled by professional methods and using a professional use only insecticide. Front Row can eradicate wasp nests whether they are located at high level or situated in the ground or the fabric of the building.

Should the wasps nest not be discovered or controlled in the summer hundreds of new queen wasps will exit the nest in the Autumn and try to overwinter (hibernate) in the vicinity of the old nest. This will create problems potentially with queen wasps entering workspaces and the home.

Front Row can control these queen wasps using specialist ULV space spray treatments (Ultra Low Volume) in voids and spaces that the queen wasps inhabit.

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